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A Sorta Fairytale With You [Chapter 8]

Title: A Sorta Fairytale With You
Rating: PG
Pairing: KyuMin, Kyuhyun and Sungmin
Genre: Fluff, Romance,
Summary: Sungmin will be having his birthday, what will Kyuhyun give to him?
A/N: This fic will be updated weekly :3 Sorry if this one was a bit delayed.


Sungmin was concentrating hard on the formula written on the green board.

"To measure how the mass of the object can affect its speed by.. oh, Kyuhyun!"

Everyone looked at the door, especially Sungmin.

"Mr. Cho wanted you to sign something."

As the teacher was reading the paper, Kyuhyun smiled to Sungmin and did a small wave at him.

Sungmin can't stop himself to smile. It sure is nice that Kyuhyun is the child of the school's administrator. It allows him to see his dongsaeng once in a while, at times like this.




Sungmin had his chin on his hand as he looked down on his book while he was twirling a highlight marker on his right hand.

"So what do you think? Why did Ophelia killed herself? Is it because of Hamlet?"


Sungmin thought of an answer and as he was about to recite, his hand remained midair as someone took the teacher's attention.


"Mr Cho wanted to ask for your rsvp regarding the gathering for the Literature club this coming Saturday."

"Oh, sorry, let me get the invitation."


As the teacher was looking into his folders, Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin and smiled then it was cut off when the teacher had came to him.

"Here you go, thank you."

Kyuhyun bowed and left.


At the 4th time Kyuhyun had gone to their classroom that same day, Sungmin was getting suspicious.


[Is Mr Cho really making him do these errands...?]


At the middle of their History discussion, someone knocked on the door.


Of course, it was Kyuhyun.


"Mr. Cho wanted to ask for the copy of the fund raising affair program?"

"Ah yes, let me get get it."

When Kyuhyun looked at his hyung, Sungmin had his head tilted and was looking at him curiously.


[Uh oh]


"Here's the program, Kyuhyun."

"I'll be going now."

He bowed and went out of the room.

"Sir, can I get a pass? I need to go to the restroom."

Kyuhyun walked faster once he heard that voice.


"Heeeyyy.. Don’t go to fast." Sungmin said as he places his arm around Kyuhyun's neck.

"Oh hyung, how are you?"

"5 times. Of course I have to notice something must be up."

"Huh? Has it already been 5 times?" Kyuhyun acted innocently as he shifted his face away from Sungmin's sight.

"Yah.. I know Mr Cho doesn't make you do things that often."

Kyuhyun stuck his tongue out.


Kyuhyun smiled because he knows that his hyung knew the reason why he did such a thing.



After Christmas day, Sungmin noticed that Kyuhyun wasn’t going out much. He was a bit shy to just go to the Cho's home because he might be thought of suddenly barging in.

He looked at the phone beside him.


[Maybe he won't mind if I call him?]


He lifted the receiver and then dialed the Cho's home number. After 2 rings, someone answered.



“Yoboseyo, uh.. Mrs. Cho, it's me Sungmin. May I kindly speak with Kyuhyun?"

"Oh of course, hold on."


He heard Mrs. Cho calling Kyuhyun from the background. After a while, he heard running footsteps.


"Hyung?" Kyuhyun was breathing fast.



Sungmin smiled as he heard his dongsaeng's voice. It felt like it has been too long.


"Are you busy?"

"I-uh, just some.. ah! school work."

[Kyuhyun's stuttering?]

"What school work?"

"You know, uhm, science project. It sucks cause I have to do it now or else."

"Can I help?"

"NO! I mean.. no, no need. I can do this by myself.


"By the way, why did you call, hyung?"

"Oh right, well, I wanted to ask you something. My parents wanted to celebrate my birthday earlier since they won't be home for the new year so I-"

"You would be alone for the new year?!"

"Uh yeah..?"

"I think that sucks. Spend it with us!"

"I might be interfering too much? I did spend last Christmas there with you guys."

"And you liked the hot choco with marshmallows that I made, didn't you?"

Sungmin chuckled. "I really did. Anyway, stop cutting me. I wanted to ask you if maybe, you would like to join me and my parents for dinner."

"I would like to! When is it?"

"On the 28th. Also, if you want, you can sleep here."

Sungmin smiled as he had to move the receiver away from his ear. The boy from the other line was shouting happily.

"So uh.. do you want to go?"


"It's a formal dinner."



Dec 28th.


Sungmin pressed the doorbell at the Cho residence. Seconds later, Ara opened the door.


"Oh Sungmin! You look really nice today!"

"Thank you, Unnie. Is Kyuhyun there?"

"Yup, just go upstairs. He's still having a hard time knotting up his tie."

"Ah, thank you."


Sungmin bowed as he came in. He peeked first to the Kitchen and greeted Mrs. Cho. Then he went to the 2nd floor and knocked on Kyuhyun's door.


"Kyu-sshi, are you ready?"

No one answered but he could hear that someone was moving inside.

"Kyu-sshi?" Sungmin knocked again. "Okay I'm going in."



Sungmin saw that Kyuhyun's tie was a mess, he's still barefoot and his hair was still wet.


"Okay.. I know you look cute but I am sure you can’t pull this off over dinner."

Kyuhyun pouted, "I'm not cute, I'm good looking and I'm sorry... maybe I should get some help from Umma.."

"No, stay there."

Sungmin took off his coat and hanged it on a chair.


Then he went to Kyuhyun and made a perfect knot for his necktie.

"Uwaahh, how do you do that?"

"It's a secret. Now where's your gel?"


Kyuhyun opened a drawer and produced one.  Sungmin poured a glob on his hand then let his fingers run through Kyuhyun's ink hair.

Aside from the gel's scent, hKyuhyun can't help but breathe in deeply to inhale Sungmin's nice perfume. He started to get fretful and moved his toes a lot, all because he's stopping himself from hugging the person in front of him.


"Okay, done."


Kyuhyun looked at the closet's mirror located on his right and was happy with what he saw.


Not because Sungmin did a wonderful job styling his hair but because he liked this sight, him standing beside his hyung, smiling like hell.




Kyuhyun and Sungmin were the first ones to arrive at the French Restaurant.

"Where's your parents?" Kyuhyun asked as soon as they were seated.

"Late. As usual."

"This is a nice place."



30 minutes later, the two kids stood up when they saw Sungmin's parents arrive.


"Anyeong haseyo," Kyuhyun bowed.

The two adults nodded at Kyuhyun and Sungmin gave them both a kiss on the cheek.


"We have to leave in an hour, the charity party will start then," Mrs Lee said.

"But Eomoni, I thought this would be our celebration?"

"It is. Your father and I did grant it right? You should be thankful. Anyway, just say anything you want and we'll buy it for you. Okay?"


Sungmin was quiet for a while until he weakly said, “Okay" and smiled a bit.


Sungmin's parents ordered a feast that was enough for 10 people. Steaks, pasta, pastries... Sungmin kept on putting food on Kyuhyun's plate, asking him to try it all while Kyuhyun returns some to his plate and say "You try it first!"


After an hour had past (and only 1/4 of the food had been touched) Sungmin's parents stood and bid farewell.


Mr. Lee touched Sungmin's head and apologized.

"I'm sorry, but we have to go in the name for our business."

Sungmin bit his lip and nodded. Then he watched them go.


"Hyung, why did you stop eating, there's still a lot!"

Sungmin sighed then smiled.

"Are you in for some wine?"

Kyuhyun's eyes widened.

"Can we?"

Sungmin rang the service bell to call the waiter. When one came to them, he took a credit card from the inside pocket of his suit jacket and gave it to the waiter.


"Can you give us one of your most expensive wine?"




When they got home, they went straight to Sungmin's room. Kyuhyun was so surprised to see how big it was.


Sungmin took Kyuhyun's suit jacket to hang it while Kyuhyun loosened his tie.


"Shall we get some glasses?"

"Oh I have some here in my room."


Sungmin then opened one of the cabinets and took two wine glasses.

"You have those in your room?"

"I also have some soda in my personal cooler, you want some?"

"Uh no...”


Sungmin took a corkscrew and pinned it to the cork. Then he sat beside Kyuhyun on the carpeted floor.

"Can you hold the bottle for me, Kyu-sshi?"

Kyuhyun held the bottle with both hands while Sungmin uncorked it. Then he poured on the glasses and gave one to Kyuhyun.


"For your birthday," Kyuhyun had toast.

"For our friendship. I think that sounds better."


They clicked their glasses and took a sip.


"Ah.. so good," Sungmin smiled.

"It has to, it's expensive!"

And they both laughed.



After the bottle had gone empty, they both felt quite lightheaded. Both of them were staring at the moon outside.


"I think I will get some water for us."

"Let me help."

"No-no, you just sit there."


Sungmin slowly stood up and went out of the room.


After 10 minutes, Kyuhyun realized Sungmin still wasn’t back. It also came to him why his hyung had to go down when he already had watered bottles in his room.

Kyuhyun stood up and went to look for him. He went downstairs and tried the kitchen.


There he saw a silhouette, one hand at the kitchen counter for support, just because it was crying so much.


Sungmin didn't turn around; instead he walked away and went to the connecting room.

"Hyung, stop!"

Kyuhyun followed him but the closer he gets, the faster Sungmin goes away. Until they're both practically running around the house.

"Hyung, ugh please stop!"


Kyuhyun seriously hated the fact that the house was so big. He was still tipsy and this was tiring him out a lot.



Kyuhyun sat down for a while on the floor, breathing hard. Then stood up again and went to the room Sungmin went into. Once he got into the room, no one was inside. He looked under the bed, under the table and finally checked the closet. When he opened it, he saw Sungmin standing there, hands covering his face.


Kyuhyun looked up to him and touch his hyung's arm.

"Hyung, what's wrong?"


No answer.


"Hyung...Please talk to me."

"I don't want you to see me cry."

Kyuhyun suddenly stepped inside the cabinet and put his arms around Sungmin.


"I told you even if you tried to hide, I will go and look for you." Kyuhyun whispered.


This statement made Sungmin cry again. He hugged Kyuhyun back and cried on his shoulders.


"I understand...that  they have affairs and all... but sometimes I feel like it's too much," Sungmin tried to explain in between sobs.


Kyuhyun held on to Sungmin all night, just allowing him pour out his pain all these years.




Sungmin answered the phone ringing in his room.






Kyuhyun's cheery voice never fails to make him happy within. He never expected someone would always greet him in such way.


"I just want to remind you that you should come here at around 8 pm and then bring clothes because you will spend the night here!"

"I know, I know. I am actually readying it now."



"I will make sure this will be your happiest day."


"Gotta go now, bye!"


Sungmin looked at the receiver weirdly.


[Is something up?]


Hours later, he pressed the doorbell at the Cho residence.

"He's here!" someone shouted inside.


After a while the door opened. Kyuhyun beamed at him and he was wearing a... party hat?

"Does someone have a birthday that I didn't know about?"


Sungmin bent over as Kyuhyun placed a birthday hat on him and then took his bag.

"Come in!"


Kyuhyun placed Sungmin's bag on the couch and pulled his hand.

"Where are we going?"

"At the dining room."


"You'll see!"


The dining room had balloons everywhere.


"Uh oh, Kyu-sshi, you should have told me so I could have bought a gift to bring!"

Then he saw Mrs Cho bringing a cake along with Ara.

"Hana dool set!" Kyuhyun's father counted.

"Happy birthday Sungmin!"


[What?] Sungmin was in shock. Everybody was wearing a party hat and a smile.


[All for me?]


"But why?"

"Your birthday isn't today?" Ara asked.

"Well technically, it will be after midnight!"

"Hyung why are your eyes red? Don't you like this?"


Sungmin covered his face with his hands as his shoulders started to shake.


"I am sorry to cause you trouble,"

"Oh Sungmin," Mrs Cho came to SUngmin and hugged him.

Sungmin hugged back and cried on her.


How can other people make him feel special but not his parents?



"I'm so sorry about the breakdown a while ago," Sungmin apologized.

They had just finished having the dinner and now, they're having tea at the living room. 10 minutes left and it will be the start of the New Year.

"No need to apologize," Mr. Cho smiled.

"Thank you so much for the cake Mrs. Cho, it was so good."

"I'm glad you liked it."

"Umma, can we go in my room for now?"



Kyuhyun extended his hand for his hyung to hold. Sungmin held it and stood up.



"You'll see."

"Another surprise?"



They went up the stairs and stopped in front of Kyuhyun's room.


"Are you ready?"

"Whenever you are."

"You go in first!"


Sungmin opened the door knob and as soon as the door moved, hundreds of paper cranes fell on him. Then as he looked around the room there were tons hanging all around.


"I made it so you can have two wishes on your birthday."

Sungmin turned around and saw Kyuhyun was holding a paper crane on his hands, offering it to him.


"This is the 1000th paper crane that I made for you. Happy Birthday, Sungmin Hyung."


Hope you enjoyed reading!
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