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A Sorta Fairytale With You [Chapter 7]

Title: A Sorta Fairytale With You
Rating: PG
Pairing: KyuMin, Kyuhyun and Sungmin
Genre: Fluff, Romance,
Summary: Tons of things are happening with Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Soon enough, they will have to do a concert. Will it turn out good?
A/N: This fic will be updated weekly :3 Sorry if this one was a bit delayed.

Kyuhyun was drinking juice by the garden when he noticed that Sungmin had been running around the rest house, trying to search for something.

"Hyung? Is everything okay?"

Sungmin opened the cabinet in the living room.

"What is it?" Kyuhyun asked as he walked toward Sungmin.

His hyung revealed a red box. He watched closely as Sungmin opened the box.


They all  had a barbeque dinner that night. After that, Mr. Cho made a bonfire near the shore for the kids while Sungmin happily carried the fireworks to them.

"Now you boys, be careful okay?"
"Yes sir!" the two boys saluted.

They watched Mr Cho go back to the rest house in a soldier position and once he was gone, fun began to happen.

Sungmin took one roman candle and lit it up. He pointed it towards the moon until it started shooting.

"Uwaaahhhh!" Kyuhyun held his camera and took a shot of his hyung doing a superhero pose.

After Sungmin's firework had gone out, he took some sparklers.

"Here have some!"

Kyuhyun took two. Sungmin stopped him before his dongsaeng could light them over the bonfire. He took the camera from Kyuhyun's neck.

"Ok go!"

Kyuhyun lit both sparklers and ran. Sungmin was laughing as he took pictures of his dongsaeng running and doing shapes.

When almost all of the fireworks were gone and all that's left were two sparklers, Sungmin took it and gave one to his dongsaeng.

Kyuhyun watched Sungmin as he lit his sparkler. They both watched it fire up. Then he saw his hyung look at him.

The dongsaeng responded by smiling while raising both of his eyebrow, encouraging him to continue.
"This has been the best summer for me. Ever." Sungmin said in a serious tone.
"For me too!"

Sungmin bit his lip then breathed.

"I may not be able stay forever on your side Kyu-sshi, but I want you to know..."

Kyuhyun shifted his eyes from the sparkler to his hyung's eyes.

"... you're an important person to me."

Kyuhyun noticed his hyung's sparkler was about to run out and so he immediately stick his and it lit up just after Sungmin's light was gone.

"Don't talk like your saying goodbye, hyung. If you go, I'll continue and find you."

Kyuhyun saw his hyung stared back at him, eyes full of emotions.

"Oh hyung, take a picture of me!" he pouted.

Sungmin can't help but smile. Even if he was crying deep inside.


They went home the next day. Sungmin saw that Kyuhyun had fallen asleep beside him at the backseat.  No wonder his dongsaeng was quiet. He  pulled Kyuhyun close to him and let him sleep on his lap. He smiled while he gazed at the passing scenery outside. He remembered what happened last night.  Kyuhyun didn't want to sleep and would poke his cheek whenever he falls asleep.

Suddenly he felt something on his thigh.

He peeked at Kyuhyun's face and his eyes widened.

"Kyu-sshi! Don't drool on me!!!"


Sungmin had his chin resting on his hand as he listened to his chemistry teacher. He was starting to feel restless and tried hard not to show it. He looked at the wall clock above the green board on the front.

[2 hours more before lunch break... sigh]

He let his eyes wander around the room when suddenly, he noticed something weird outside the classroom's door.

He can see a black hair on the side pane. Then it was gone. Then it peeked and winked at him.


Then Kyuhyun walked past the classroom while holding a paper on his side. Sungmin tried to read what's written on it.

[I cant...]

Kyu went back again.

[wait till..]

And again.

[lunch break to say...]

As Kyuhyun was about to walk again, the teacher noticed him.

"Is that..?"

Sungmin saw Kyuhyun and the teacher looked at each other. Then Kyuhyun just ran.

He had to cover his face with his hand, trying so hard muffle his laughter.


At lunch break while they were eating some kimbap beneath a tree:

"So you were about to walk again right?"
"What does the last paper say?"

Then Sungmin saw a paper showing from Kyuhyun's back pocket.

"Kyu-sshi! There's a caterpillar on your pants!"

As soon as Kyuhyun stood up Sungmin took the paper from his pocket and ran. 


When Sungmin was finally able to hide behind a tree, he unfolded the paper.

[I miss you]

"What a cheesy kid."

But Sungmin never gave the paper back.


Kyuhyun was intently listening to his teacher when he saw someone pass by their door. He knows it's weird because no one's allowed to walk through the hallway during classhours if you don't have a pass.

Then the person walked back again.

It was Sungmin.

Sungmin walked past again, this time holding a paper that had something written on it too.

[I miss you too]

"Kyuhyun? Are you sick? Why is your face all red?" the teacher asked.


As they were on their way home after their voice lesson...

"Hyung, can I ask a favor?"
"Can you get this for me?"

Kyuhyun gave a small piece of paper to Sungmin.

"What's this?"
"It's the stub for the pictures. I had them developed so can you pick it up for me? I have to go to the supermarket to get some eggs and though it could save some time. I hope you can help me?"
"No problem."

As Sungmin went to the photo shop, he gave the stub to the staff. The pictures were already ready.
He opened the envelop and took a look at the photos. It was the photos from their summer trip last weekend.

Most of it were his picture. Stolen ones.

[Did he meant for me to see this?]

Then he saw the last photo. It was the one when he took a photo of Kyuhyun at the beach, that same day his dongsaeng had kissed him thinking he was asleep.

He took that and kept it in his pocket.


Kyuhyun and Sungmin  was surprised to meet at the door of the the administrator's office one afternoon.

"You were called too?" they both said at the same time.
"Did we break any school rule?" Sungmin asked.
"I am not sure.. wait, you don't think it's because we accidentally broke a swing?"
"Or tried to stole food from the vending machine?"
"When we sneak into the hallway?"

"You boys, come inside. I can hear you." the voice inside the room said.

Sungmin gently opened the door and they went into the room as slowly as possible.

"Mr Cho.. we-we didn't do anything wrong did we?"
"Haha.. no no, I would like to ask you guys for a favor?"

The two boys looked at each other then to Mr Cho.

"The school festival's coming soon and I was hoping you two could perform on the feast day at the auditorium hall."

"But Appa, that would be.."

Mr. Cho flipped a list that's on his table.

"Well... you see, this list of the rules you broke is pretty kind of long.."

"WE'LL DO IT!" the two exclaimed at the same time.

When they finally got out of the room.

"I didn't know Mr Cho was good at blackmailing."

But Kyuhyun just smiled.

[it'll be like a concert of our own!]


Everyday, after class, they would practice their song in the music room.

Kyuhyun was so impressed with Sungmin because he sings while he plays the piano. Sungmin then was so mesmerized by Kyuhyun whenever he starts singing because of his soothing voice.

"How's the rehearsal going lately?" Mr Cho asked the two kids.
"It's going great, Appa."
"By the way alumnis would also be able to watch you."
"Your father might come, hyung."
"Well, I can't be sure. He might be busy," Sungmin shrugged his shoulders.
"Oh. Okay," Kyuhyun pouted.
"Yah, why is your face like that. I'm okay, silly." Sungmin brushed Kyuhyun's hair. "By the way, since the performance is coming up soon, do you want to practice at home?"
"Hyung, we don't have a piano."
"I mean, my home."

Kyuhyun's eyes widened.

"Really Hyung?!"
"Is it okay Mr Cho?"
"Of course. But I warn you, Kyuhyun can get pretty wild."

That Sunday, Kyuhyun pressed the doorbell to Sungmin's home. Minutes later, a maid opened the gate for him and led him into the house.

Kyuhyun sat on of the couches and looked around. It was a pretty big house with a high ceiling. This was his first time to come here since Sungmin was the one who always visits him.

Kyuhyun looked at his right and saw Sungmin coming down the stairs.
"Hyung!" Kyuhyun smiled and raised his hands to give a box to Sungmin.
"What's this?"
"Cookies. Umma baked them for us."
"How nice! I'll drop by later to thank her. Let's go to the living room?"

They went to the south of the house and entered a white room. At the center, Kyuhyun saw this magnificent white grand piano.

"Is this yours?!"
"It has been in the family for generations," Sungmin drew the curtain to let the light in. Outside the wall (the whole room only had glass wall) was a garden that looks like the one Kyuhyun's home has.

Kyuhyun didn't know it looked so nice here at the other side.

Sungmin lifted the cover of the piano and played some keys. Kind of like a warm up. Then he started playing the song they will perform. His own version of "Now and Forever" that's a bit different from the one he performed in his concert.

Kyuhyun sat down at the carpeted floor, closed his eyes and listened. Then he started singing along.

The light coming from outside shone on Kyuhyun. Having to listen to his wonderful voice, Sungmin got more inspired to play the notes.

Sungmin smiled as he played.

It was one of those magical moments where words weren't needed.


On the day of the performance, Kyuhyun and Sungmin wore a tie and a suit.

They both went to peek behind the curtains.

"Uwaaahhh~ there's so many people!"
"Are you nervous?"

Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun's face and saw he was scared.

"I think I want to run away from here."
"Yah! Don't you ever think of doing that."
"But I might make a mistake. Or I might croak or.."
"Kyu-sshi, relax. I'll be there with you. You don't have to worry."
"But Hyung!"
"Kyu-sshi, look at me." Sungmin held Kyuhyun on his shoulders.
"We will create a great performance out there so relax. You will do just fine."
"Are you sure?"
"Take their breath away with your voice." Sungmin winked.

After the school's dance group performance was over, they're next. The lights were out when they came on stage. Sungmin sat in front of the piano while Kyuhyun stood at beside it. Kyuhyun's hand were shaking as he held his mic. He was so envious of his hyung who acted so cool professional.

He looked at Sungmin, who was also looking at him smiling. Sungmin winked at him and gave him a thumbs up.

Seconds later, a spotlight was pointed at Kyuhyun.

It was now his cue to sing.

He took a deep breath and used the mic.

"Whenever I'm weary... from the battles that rage in my head"

Then Sungmin started playing the piano.

"You made sense of madness
When my sanity hangs by a thread
I lose my way, but still you
Seem to understand
Now & forever,
I will be your man

Then it was Sungmin's turn:

"Sometimes I just hold you
Too caught up in me to see
Im holding a fortune
That heaven has given to me
Ill try to show you
Each and every way I can
Now & forever,
I will be your man

Kyuhyun sang the chorus while Sungmin did the back up. After that Sungmin did a  piano solo. Kyuhyun joined him halfway with a voicing in tune with the piano.

Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin as they sang the lines together.

"Until the day the ocean
Doesnt touch the sand
Now & forever
I will be your man

Once Sungmin has finished playing, the audience did a stand ovation.

Sungmin stood beside Kyuhyun, held his hand and they bowed together.

Once backstage Kyuhyun jumped with joy.

"I told you everything's going to be okay. You were so wonderful there."

Kyuhyun can't erased the smile from his face. Sungmin was taken aback when his dongsaeng hugged him.

"Thank you so much for believing in me!

At that moment, Sungmin had no plans of letting go.


After their performance, Sungmin had gained new friends. Some were his classmates while some were from the other levels. They all had been impressed as to how great Sungmin can be.

Kyuhyun didn't want to say it but when some of those students joined them as they ate lunch, he kind of felt invaded.

At the end of the day, Kyuhyun was waiting for Sungmin so they could walk home together.  Then he saw his hyung come out of the building with some students.

"Come on Sungmin, you should join us at the arcade! Or maybe hang out and meet some girls."

Kyuhyun felt his stomach sinking. He should be happy that his hyung was finally hanging out with people his age.

He has to understand.

"I'm sorry guys but I can't."
"Why man?"
"Kyuhyun and I already made some plans, sorry."

Then Sungmin walked to Kyuhyun.

"Let's go home?"
"But we don't have any plans.." Kyuhyun said quietly.

Sungmin cupped his hand and whispered to Kyuhyun.

"I dont like hanging out with them. I'd rather sit by the swing with you."
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