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A Sorta Fairytale With You [Chapter 4]

Title: A Sorta Fairytale With You
Rating: PG
Pairing: KyuMin, Kyuhyun and Sungmin
Genre: Fluff, Romance,
Summary:  Kyuhyun feels like he and Sungmin had become close, but can he be understanding when he becomes busy?
A/N: This fic will be updated weekly :3
The students were all excited to get out of their classrooms after the teacher had went out. The
students assigned for a cleaning duty started arranging the room as the other students were leaving.

Kyuhyun was still arranging his backpack when one of his classmates called him.

"Someone's asking for you.."

When he looked at the door, he saw Sungmin peeking while wearing a smile.


Kyuhyun hurriedly wore his backpack and came to Sungmin.

"How are you?" Sungmin tilted his head as he asked.

"Doing good. What brings you here?"

"Well you know, I thought of dropping by the music room and maybe you would like to come?"

If eyes could sparkle, Kyuhyun's eyes did.



Sungmin opened the door to the music room. He laid down his bag beneath the piano and opened
the windows to let the afternoon light in. Then he lifted the piano’s cover. He tested the keys and was
satisfied that they were all finely tuned.

He looked at his back and saw Kyuhyun lookin at him.

"Why are you just standing there?"

Kyuhyun just looked at him blankly. "Why?"

"Sit beside me."

"Is it okay?"

"Silly, Of course. Put your bag near mine."

Kyuhyun obediently did what he was told to do and sat beside Sungmin.

"Okay, now press this key and do it like this.."

Sungmin played first to show Kyuhyun how to do it.

"Your turn."

Kyuhyun bit his lip and pressed the keys slowly.

"I did it!" Kyuhyun said cheerily.

"Do it again. This time just continue."

Kyuhyun seriously tried to concentrate on playing and perfecting the rhythm. After doing it for about 3
times, his brows furrowed as he noticed his hyung's hand at the right part of the piano. Then he saw his
hyung's fingers started to move.

Sungmin played along with the tune Kyuhyun was playing. Kyuhyun was so amazed that his hyung and
him was doing music together. He can't help but laugh as he played. Especially when he saw Sungmin
smiling at him.

"What was that song?"

"My father taught me that piece. It was the first tune I ever played."

"It’s a fun song."

Sungmin nodded.

"Do you know any ballad songs?" Sungmin asked.

"Hmmm.. my Appa always listens to this certain song.."

"What's the title?"

"I can't really remember.."

"Do you know the lyrics..?"

"Ummm.. well Appa always sings it.. “

Sungmin was looking at Kyuhyun as his dongsaeng stared hard at the piano, trying to remember the

“Oh I got it, it goes something like...

...Now I can rest my worries and always be sure,

that I won't be alone anymore

Sungmin just blinked at Kyuhyun.


"Was that seriously your voice?"

"Why? Did it sound really bad?"


[This kid is so good!]

Sungmin tried to experiment with the piano to catch the tune of the song Kyuhyun had sung.

"That's Now and Forever right?"


After 5 minutes, Sungmin can already play the chorus.

"Uwaaahh~ hyung, you're really good!"

"Please sing as I play?"

"Oh.. I will try."

As soon as Sungmin started to play, Kyuhyun sang with the music. Sungmin had to close his eyes so he
can focus on listening to Kyuhyun.

"Have you taken a voice lesson before?"

Kyuhyun shook his head.

"I think you should."


"Well.. you sound really great."

"I do?"

"Yeah.. and who knows, someday you might just be able to do a concert with me?"


"By the way, by the next few days, I won't be able to go home with you."

"But why?"

"My music teacher would require me to practice nonstop."

"But you're already good!"

"It's because I have a concert coming soon."

"Really??? When?!"

"Secret," Sungmin winked.


After Kyuhyun came out from the bathroom, his Mom called him.

"Kyuhyun, can you go to your Appa's study room?"

"Okay, Umma."

Kyuhyun hanged the towel on his shoulder and knocked on the door. He had just finished taking a bath.

"Come in,"

Kyuhyun peeked from the door. His father was behind his table, writing probably some documents for
the school.

"Umma said for me to come here.."

"Yes, yes, sit down."

Kyuhyun sat at the chair across the table while his father took something from the table’s drawer.


His father laid down In front of him a brown box.

"What's that Appa?"

"You don't want to open it?"

Kyuhyun smiled widely and opened the box.

It revealed a Konica film camera.


"It's for winning the math contest last month."

"Uwaaah~ thank you!"

Kyuhyun hugged his father in joy. He can't wait to show this to Sungmin.



As his classmates were arranging the chairs, he went downstairs to meet Sungmin under the tree near
the school field.

Lunch time was already over when he remembered his hyung’s words.

After lesson hours, Kyuhyun went to Sungmin's classroom.

"Is Sungmin hyung in there?" Kyuhuyn asked one of Sungmin’s classmate.

"He didn't come to class today."


This lasted for 2 weeks.

On the 1th day that he and Sungmin hadn’t walked home together, he saw something at the bookstore
that made him stop dead in his tracks.

There was the poster of Sungmin playing a piano.

It was his promotional concert ad. The concert was scheduled for the coming month. No wonder he
can't see him lately.

Since that day, Kyuhyun had been walking home alone.

One time, he passed by a store that sells pastries.

"Hyung look!"

He looked at his right and his heart sank when all he saw was the promo boy of the shop.

"Oh, I'm sorry," and Kyuhyun hurriedly walked away.

Kyuhyun didn’t know he had been so used to having Sungmin on his side. This was the first time he felt
alone as he walked home from school.

He can't deny the fact that he missed Sungmin so much. He also tried to hang out at their backyard but
Sungmin doesn't seem to be practicing at home.



Kyuhyun looked up after passing the school gates.

He was so surprised to see Sungmin.

He was wearing a blue hoodie, hands in the pockets of his cargo shorts, and this smile only meant for


"Let's walk home together?"

Kyuhyun can't help but grin.

"I'm sorry if I wasn't able to tell you that I'll be away from school."

"Do you really have to practice that hard?" Kyuhyun asked worriedly.

"They make me. I can't afford to have any mistakes at the concert."

"Oh. Okay."

Sungmin felt guilty that Kyuhyun wasn’t in his usual cheerful mood.

Kyuhyun didn’t notice Sungmin looking at him because he continued to walk with his head down.

"By the way I have something to give to you."

Suddenly there was an envelope in front of Kyuhyun.

"What's this?"

"Open it."

Kyuhyun opened the flap of the envelope and inside were 4 front row concert tickets. He looked at
Sungmin with a surprised face.

"Like it?"

"Of course! Thank you, hyung!"

Sungmin was surprised that Kyuhyun hugged him. They were in the middle of the street and people
were looking at them.

But Sungmin didn't care. More so Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun and his family arrived at the concert hall at around 7 pm. It was his first time to enter a place
like this. He was so amazed at how big the place Sungmin is doing his concert. As soon as they were on
their seats, Kyuhyun held the bouquet he bought for Sungmin (read: with his own money) and stood up.

"Hold your horses young man," his father stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulders. "Where are
you going?"

"Going to find the backstage and give this to hyung."

His family laughed at his innocence.

"Kyu-ah, you're supposed to give it to him after the concert, not before." His mother advised him.

"Oh. Alright." He sat down again and waited.

The stage still had curtains and he can't wait for it to be drawn. Everyone who attended were wearing
their most formal wear. Even Kyuhyun. He can't help but think that all of these people like how Sungmin

Everyone quieted down when the curtains were drawn and the lights went out.

Then a piano was heard.

When the lights on the stage opened, there was Sungmin, playing beautiful notes on the grand piano in
front of him. Another light turned on and the man started singing.

The song was Now and Forever.

Kyuhyun saw his father smiling widely.

He himself can't help but be impressed by how Sungmin played. He made it sound different yet it was
still the same song following the same original tune.

As he stared at the man singing and at his hyung playing the piano so seriously, Kyuhyun wished he was
a balladist then so he could also go on stage. With Sungmin.

It was just the first song and Sungmin already had a standing ovation.


After the performance, as everyone were about to proceed to the after-party, Kyuhyun searched for the
room where Sungmin would be in. He remembered that his hyung told him it would be on the 2nd floor,
Room 5. When he got there, some people we just leaving. Then a staff held him from knocking on the

"Do you need something?"

"I'm Kyuhyun. Sungmin's friend."

"Oh. Wait then."

The staff knocked on the door and peeked inside.

"A boy named Kyuhyun is here."

"Please let him in!" Kyuhyun heard Sungmin said.

The staff member opened the door widely so Kyuhyun could enter. He saw Sungmin sitting in front of a
dresser, writing autographs.

"Kyu-sshi! The suit fits you nicely."

"For you."

"And you used a gel!"

"Hyung.." Kyuhyun looked away while he handed the bouquet to Sungmin.

"This is really nice, thank you."

"It's not as big as what others have given you though.."

"Well, yours is the best. Let's sit down."

They sat on the couch and saw the room was filled with gifts and flowers. Sungmin loosened his tie.

"Did you like the concert?"

"I really did. Especially the first song!"

"Haha.. I wish you were the one who sang it instead."

Then Kyuhyun tried to get something from his sling bag.

"What's that?"

"Smile for me."




"Appa gave me a camera."

"That's so cool. Let's have a picture together!"

Sungmin then called the staff member outside.

"Please take a picture of us?"

Sungmin placed his arm around Kyuhyun's shoulder. Kyuhyun then gladly placed his hand on his hyung's waist.

They were both smiling.


At the count of three, Kyuhyun wished this night would never end.
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