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A Sorta Fairytale With You [Chapter 3]

Title: A Sorta Fairytale With You
Rating: PG
Pairing: KyuMin, Kyuhyun and Sungmin
Genre: Fluff, Romance,
Summary:  Kyuhyun tries to make ways to be closer to Sungmin but something unexpected happened. Sungmin's mom doesn't like Kyuhyun?
A/N: This fic will be updated weekly :3
Sorry if this chapter's a really long one.


The students started moving their tables and formed their own groups to be close to each other.  Then each one brought  out their lunchboxes and got to ready to eat. Before Kyuhyun opened his box,  he took a peek out the window.

Yes, he was looking for someone under the tree that’s below their building.

Kyuhyun then started packing up his lunch up again.

"What're you doing?" his classmate asked.

"Oh, sorry, I remembered Appa asked me to do something."

He immediately went out of the classroom. He was almost running until he reached the door at the ground floor that leads the way to  the school field. He peeked from the door and saw that the person he was looking for was there. Eating only bread.

Kyuhyun walked slowly with his 10-year-old heart beating in an unusual way.


Sungmin looked at him.

"Oh Kyuhyun," he smiled and Kyuhyun can't help but smile back.

"Can I join you?"

"Sure!" Sungmin took the books away beside him and moved them to his other side. "I don't have much food though but we can share this filled bun."

"Oh no," Kyuhyun waved with his free hand. "I have lunch. Want some?"

He sat down beside Sungmin and opened his lunchbox. It revealed a deliciously looking kimbap. Then he brought it near to Sungmin so he could see it.

"Omo.. that does look great. But thanks, that's your lunch."

"Just take one, I swear, my Umma makes them really good!" Kyuhyun beamed.

"Well... okay."

Sungmin held the silver chopsticks from Kyuhyun and took one bite.

"Oh boy.." Sungmin said as he chewed. "This is really gooooood."

Kyuhyun was so happy as he heard this. Then he took out his thermos from his bag and poured a cup for Sungmin.

"What's this?"

"Miso soup."

After sipping some, Sungmin smiled.

"You're lucky your Umma does this for you. She's a really good cook!"

"Why don't you ask your Umma too..? I always see you eating bread."

"You always see me?"

"My classroom's right there." Kyuhyun pointed at one of the windows located at 3rd floor.

"Oh.. well, you see my Eomoni can't cook. And our cook doesn't really make these kind of food."

"Is that so?"

Kyuhyun pursed his lips.

"Well, have some more!"

"Oh but this is your lunch."

"We can share.. and think of this as a treat from me."

Sungmin didn't want to burden Kyuhyun but the kimbap and the miso soup really tastes great.

"I'm sorry.." Sungmin bit his lower lip, "but I have to say yes."


Kyuhyun laughed happily. He was happy to share something with Sungmin.


Next day.


Sungmin looked up from his book.


Kyuhyun raised his hand and revealed a paper bag. "I bought lunch again."

"Oh. You don't have to. And I have bread so I'm good."

Then Kyuhyun brought out two lunch boxes.

"Here's for you."

"Wha- huh?"

"I asked Mom if I could bring lunch for my friend and she was happy to do it. She even made it special!"

Kyuhyun then opened the lunchbox he was holding and revealed a beautifully arranged tuna rolls and rice cake.

"B-but this is too much! You don't have to and it's so embarassing to your Umma."

"Hyung, I swear it's okay. I said I gained a new friend and she said I should treat him nicely. Please take it?"

Sungmin bit his lower lip. A part of him was troubled because he wasn't used to this kind of thing. Of someone being nice to him. Though another part of him was also happy that someone was concerned over him.

"I promise to pay back. It may not be now but I will."

" It's already a pleasure that you like my Umma's cooking!"

And Kyuhyun ate happily.

Sungmin took a bite of the tuna roll and sighed. It tasted so good.

Kyuhyun saw how Sungmin literally enjoyed eating.


After that day, he had always brought lunch for his hyung.



While eating lunch with Kyuhyun...


"Do you always walk home?"

Kyuhyun nodded at Sungmin while chewing a piece of bulgogi. Then he covered his lips with his hand.


"I just thought if maybe I could walk home with you today?"

Kyuhyun's eyes widened.






Sungmin was walking with his sling bag and saw Kyuhyun  waving at him at the building's entrance.

Then his dongsaeng wore his backpack.

"I'll just talk to my driver, is that okay?"


Kyuhyun stayed at the gates while Sungmin went to the parked black car.  The driver wearing a suit bowed to Sungmin.

Kyuhyun can’t help but be impressed.

After talking, Sungmin went back to him smiling.


"Shall we?"

"Are you sure you want to walk?"

"Yeah, also if it's okay, I want us to buy something along the way too?"



As they were walking, Sungmin brought out a small piece of paper from his pocket. Every now and then, Kyuhyun noticed Sungmin looked at the paper and then at the street signs. He wanted so much to stand on his toes so he could see what's written on the paper.

[Ugh... I hate being small.] Kyuhyun pouted.


"We're here!"


Kyuhyun looked at where they are and saw this bakeshop.


"Let's go inside."


Once in, Kyuhyun was in awe of how many cakes and pastries were inside. It was such a beautiful store and he wanted to have a taste of everything that's on display.

Sungmin saw Kyuhyun can't take his eyes off the cakes and had to smile.


"Do you want anything?"

"Oh.. I uh.."


Kyuhyun felt uneasy. His didn’t bring enough money to afford this. Everything looked expensive.

Sungmin took his hand and led him to a table. A  waiter came to them and gave them each a menu.


"I uh, I won't eat." then Kyuhyun closed his menu.

"How come? It's on me. Let this be my payback. "

"Oh hyung, you don't have to do this."

"I insist! Now don't you think this Chocolate mousse looks good?"


Kyuhyun drew his lips into a thin line. Confused on whether he would say yes or no.


"Chocolate pudding..." Kyuhyun whispered while looking at his fingers.


Sungmin had to bit his lower lip to prevent himself from laughing. This kid is just so cute!


After they ate Kyuhyun looked so satisfied. And then he was surprised when the waiter brought a box on their table.


"Another cake?"

"For you and your family."

"But why?"

"For always being nice and helping me."

"You don't need to do this, hyung."

"Well, ok. I'll just take this delicious chocolate pudding."


Kyuhyun was about to protest but stopped himself.


"Just kidding! Let's go home?"



As they went out of the cafe, Sungmin noticed the dark clouds.

"I think we should hurry up. It might rain soon..."

Kyuhyun rummaged through his bag. No umbrella there. He looked at Sungmin who shaked his head.

"This is the first time I walked from school.."


And it did rain. They were still kilometers away when the rain fell hard.


They took shelter at the nearest convenience store to let the rain pass and wipe themselves.

Kyuhyun saw Sungmin stare at the sky.

"You know.. I’ve never ran under the rain. Until now that is."

Kyuhyun grinned.

"Want to run again?"

"But the cake..."

"It's in a box anyway. Also the rain's not that hard anymore."


Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin's hand and they stepped into the rain. Sungmin felt a bit awkward first but when he looked up and saw the rain drops falling towards his direction, he was amazed. He had never noticed this nor had he ever felt this way before. He was used to just watching and being conscious about getting wet but being in it felt like.. felt he was free.


Kyuhyun stared at Sungmin smile. His hyung seemed to like feeling of the rain falling on his face. Then Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun, still smiling. 


The moment felt perfect.




By the time they reached Sungmin's house, the rain had fully stopped.

After they've said their goodbyes, Sungmin went to his house' front yard  to press the doorbell.


Sungmin looked at his right and saw Kyuhyun looking at him.

"Take a bath once you get in okay? So you would not get sick!"

Sungmin nodded.

"Also thank you for this cake!" Kyuhyun raised the box then waved with his free hand and turned around. Sungmin stared at his dongsaeng.


Kyuhyun turned around with his eyebrows raised.

"Thank you."

Kyuhyun smiled shyly and averted his eyes.

Sungmin can't help but smile too. Kyuhyun was so easy to read. His dongsaeng's pure emotions can't help but touch him.



Kyuhyun decided to wait for his father again and Sungmin stayed with him. They were hanging out at the swings in the school's playground.


"Lunch a while ago was so good, please thank Mrs. Cho for me."

"She said that's her way of thanking you for the cake you gave yesterday."


Then Kyuhyun stood up and went to the monkey bars.


He tried with all his strenght it but can't hold on for too long.

"Hyung, can you do this?"

Sungmin shook his hands and tried holding to one bar with his hands, then another, then another and another.


"Uwaahh I'm envious!"




They both looked where the voice came from and Kyuhyun was surprised to see a well dressed woman stomping her way to them. Then he saw Sungmin cringe.


" Eomoeni.."

"What are you doing?!?!"

Then the woman took Sungmin's hands and looked at his palms. Her eyes widened when she saw they were covered with rust from the monkey bars.


"Didn't I told you to protect your hands?!?"

Sungmin wanted to talk but just bowed his head.

"Also the driver told me you walked home yesterday! The maid even said you came home wet!"


Kyuhyun got worried when he saw Sungmin's hands turned to fists.


"I'm sorry Eomoeni but I was the one who asked hyung if he could come with me.."


Sungmin and his mother looked at him in surprise.


"Who are you?"

"Cho Kyuhyun, a friend of Sungmin hyung," Kyuhyun bowed.

"And now you're  being friends with this little prick? What did I tell you about having friends!"

" Eomoeni! Please stop!" Sungmin begged.



Sungmin closed his eyes because he knew his mother would hit him but was surprised when he was pushed. When he opened his eyes, he saw his mother had hit Kyuhyun hard on the head.




Kyuhyun looked down and bit his lip. He wanted to cry from the pain and how awful the situation is but felt this isn't the right time.


Sungmin bent over and looked at Kyuhyun. He touched his dongsaeng's head and cheek. Kyuhyun looked at Sungmin with hurt eyes without raising his head.


"Kyu, I'm so sorry!"

"Let's go home!" Sungmin's arm was pulled by his mother.

"But Eomoeni!"



Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun as he was being dragged away by his mother. Kyuhyun wanted to run after them but he can't move. He was too shocked. His parents haven't hit him before. Why would Sungmin's mother hit him?


Kyuhyun went home that day with a blank face. He even forgot he was waiting for his father.

“Kyu-ah?” his mother called but he went straight to his room. She knocked on his door and came in. Kyuhyun was sitting on his bed.

"Kyu-ah, are you okay??" his mother asked.

"At the playground, I- I wasn't able to help hyung.. I..”

Kyuhyun started breathing hard.

“Umma..I wasn't able to help my friend."

Then he broke down to tears.


Later on, he told his mother what had happened. She was surprised and almost felt angry.



"Yes Kyu-ah.."

"Please don't be angry to hyung, it's not his fault.."

"Oh Kyu.."


Kyuhyun stayed in his room all day. Night came and he was still in his uniform, covering himself with his blanket when someone knocked.


He pretended to be asleep when his mom opened the door.




Then from the wall, he saw two shadows.


"Just talk to him, okay?"

"Thank you Mrs. Cho."


Kyuhyun's ears perked when he realized who owned the other voice.


Sungmin sat on the floor beside Kyuhyun's bed. He looked at his dongsaeng's back thinking what he should say. He had a feeling Kyuhyun's awake.


"I'm sorry," Sungmin whispered.


Kyuhyun didn't move. Was he angry at his hyung? Sungmin kneeled beside the bed and leaned. But Kyuhyun just buried his face more into his pillow.




Sungmin touched Kyuhyun's arm and felt he was shaking.




Sungmin brushed Kyuhyun's hair and saw that he was crying silently with his eyes closed. Then Kyuhyun opened his eyes and looked at Sungmin like he was so afraid of him.


"Hyung, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to protect you."


Sungmin felt like his heart stopped beating. He pulled Kyuhyun's arm and hugged him.


After a while, Kyuhyun had calmed down but no one was moving.


"Can I call you Kyu-sshi?"


Sungmin then felt Kyuhyun nodding on his chest which made him chuckle a bit.


"Thank you.. for protecting me. A while ago."

"Is your Umma always like that? Does she hit you?"

"Not much. It's just that she wants me to do good."


Kyuhyun sat properly and rubbed his eyes.



"You see..." Sungmin looked up at the ceiling as he chose the right words to say, "I'm a professional piano player."


Kyuhyun's eyes widened. "Really?"


"I don't want to admit but yes. That is why I have to protect my hands. Eomeoni won't let me do anything but play. I can still remember how furious she was when she learned I was studying martial arts."

"Since when did you start playing?"

"I started playing when I was 3. Abeoji always had me on his lap as he played simple notes. Soon enough I was playing them. I became a professional player when I was 10."

"My age?!"

"Yeah," Sungmin laughed. "Once they learned that I can be good at it, Eomeoni had me taught and I played almost non stop. I took home school then."


"And then I asked Eomoeni if I could try schooling for once. It was hard to convince her but Abeoji helped me and so I started schooling this year. He suggested I go to his school. Everything then felt new and exciting. But later on I realized I am so used to just being with myself. Now that I’m in a place where there are young people like me.. I don't know how to act."

"That's why you were always alone?"


Sungmin remembered the moments when he wanted to talk to his old classmates but no one seems to want to talk to him. The adults had always branded him as a prodigy and this made his classmates envious.


Then it all changed when this ink haired kid joined him for lunch.


He had to smile at the thought.


"Well, not anymore."


"It's a secret."



"By the way I am very thankful for your parents. They talked to Eomeoni and Abeoji before they left for Europe tonight. Eomeoni was so sorry when she learned you were the administrator's child," Sungmin shook his head with a smirk.

"Were you there when they talked?"

"I was listening from the other room. There were some shouting but your Eomeoni tried talking some sense into them and I think it worked."


Sungmin touched the side of Kyuhyun's head where his mother had hit him.


"I hope it doesn't hurt anymore?"


Kyuhyun shook his head then smiled.


"It's okay hyung, don't worry about it."


Someone knocked on the door.


"Come in."

"Dinner time," Mrs Cho said as she peeked inside. "Sungmin, you should join us."

"Oh but it will be too much. I will go home now, so sorry to be a burden." He stood up and bowed.

"But you said your parents will be in Europe tonight?"


"Who will be there with you then?"

"I have the maids as my company."

"Umma, can hyung stay for the night?" Kyuhyun butted in.

"Why, sure."


Sungmin can’t help but be overwhelmed by their kindness.

Once they were having dinner, he was able to observe how warm the Cho family is. They were all at the dining table and everyone offered him all the dishes. As they ate, all of them were telling stories and laughing. It was a family so different from his.

After taking a bath, Sungmin went into Kyuhyun's room with his bag that has his clothes. Then he found his dongsaeng getting a pillow and blanket from his closet and arranging it on the floor.


"What are you doing?"

"Making my bed, why?"

"Wha- don't sleep on the floor!"

"But I will let you take my bed."

"We can sleep together on your bed, we'll both fit in it. You have a big bed!"

"Hyung, are you sure it's okay?"

"You're crazy."


Sungmin arranged the pillows, folded the blanket then kept them back in the closet. Then they turned off the lights, climbed into bed and stared at the glow-in-the-dark planet figures up on the ceiling.




"Thanks for coming for me today."


Then Sungmin looked on his right when he felt Kyuhyun snuggling into him. Soon enough the boy was asleep. This was the first time he shared a bed with someone and.. it felt nice. Sungmin moved his head near Kyuhyun's and closed his eyes.


Sungmin slept smiling that night.



Kyuhyun was sitting on his bed next morning.


He poked Sungmin's arm but his hyung didn't budge.


Still no movement.

"Sungmin hyung!!!"

Sungmin opened one eye and looked at him. Then closed it again. Then both eyes flew open.


"Good morning," Kyuhyun smiled.


Sungmin rubbed his eyes as he realized he's not home.


[Right.. last night.]


Then he covered himself with a blanket.


"Hyung!" Kyuhyun tried to tug back the other end of the blanket.


Sungmin wanted to enjoy this moment first. He had never slept this good before and Kyuhyun's bed felt so warm and nice.

Then Kyuhyun raised the part of the blanket that covers Sungmin's face.


"Let's eat breakfast... I'm hungry!"



Sungmin left after breakfast because he had to meet his piano teacher at home. He needed to have his usual practice.

Kyuhyun was happy the sun was up high outside. He carried his books and the picnic blanket on their backyard and stayed under the tree. He sat there, waiting for the music.


Sungmin didn't fail him. Soon enough, the piano began to sing.


[How can this be a practice? Every note sounded perfect.]


All afternoon, Kyuhyun stayed in their backyard. Only going in to get snack and then coming back outside. After about 4 hours, the piano finally stopped playing. He just stared at the fence on his right.

Kyuhyun was so surprised when Sungmin suddenly appeared behind it.

"You DO listen to me!"


Kyuhyun just grinned.


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